Onajide Shabaka’s art form is a short journey made by walking in the landscape. The evolution of this may be developed as follows: the artist goes for a walk, in the New Mexico desert, the tall trees of Oregon, the lakes of Minnesota, in a Florida swamp, for a day, or several days. During the course of the walk he may take one or more photographs, make a drawing, pick up some stones, seeds or twigs. These may be brought back to the studio and photographed, and may be published or exhibited as evidence of the performative artwork. These objects and the experience also provide germination for further research and knowledge.

I have forged a path for my artistic interests that challenges the status quo, especially the exclusivity, hermeticism and austerity of the white cubic gallery space. At the same time, my work, in its engagement with nature, history, technology, and ritual allows the viewers to experience a more holistic view of the world.


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