Over the course of several weeks the Artist-in-Residence Initiative, “Between the River and Lagoon,” Onajide Shabaka developed two different, but related performative works. Each work included local history and architecture gleaned from archived letters, photographs and oral history. Each work included walking, the artist’s primary performative action out of which other notions flow. The title references the Saint Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon where all the walks took place.

Final Report Documentation: “Between the River and Lagoon” (2MB)

Rural Artwalks

The images reflect an ongoing performative activity, walking as an artform, which began here in 1976. The images bring attention to the changing landscape and topology by signaling the impermanence of the natural, and unnatural human episodes on the landscape. The artist does not have the expectation that viewers will encounter the environmental situations photographed by walking in his footsteps, or kayaking the Indian River Lagoon, yet shares the images as a primary public expression of his art practice.

Although having produced art about this area of Florida in the past, it continues to be an area of interest and investigation, both personally, historically and culturally. (last edited: 16 June, 2014)