During my residency I made a film which was screened in November in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Shorter films of a similar nature are available for viewing on my YouTube channel.

“Everglades: silence” a film by Onajide Shabaka © 2015

In our lives surrounded by our urban environment we have no idea about true silence. We never hear silence, unless someone were to build a totally soundproof room. But, that silence is unnatural. To experience true silence we need to travel to a wilderness area and just be still. And not talk. The planet will speak to us in such hushed tones that we will realize not even the wilderness is silent. However, what we may not realize is that human noise pollution is preventing us from really hearing and listening. It is also having a negative effect on the animals on this planet the consequences of which we are yet to face. With all the other revelations about how we humans are changing our environment in negative ways, it is seemingly a time of dread in our future. Stop talking and listen.

AIRIE Everglades artist-in-residence for Sept. 2015