As the second half of 2017 has begun I have to remind myself of what has been accomplished so far this year. I still feel like more should have been done but I do need time to process some of my research in addition to producing a lot of art work that remains unshared at the moment.

I started off the year with a large exhibition, Antillean Lacunae, featuring drawing and collage works looking at botanical foraging and subsistence foodstuffs in the greater Caribbean (and southern US). Some of the works from that series ended up in a group show at Salisbury University, where I also did a slide presentation on the next research residency, Suriname. I spent the month of April in Suriname traveling the country to visit the interior Amazon forest, and open my practice to some new and old ideas. Spending a bit of time in the Boundary Waters is always good as I focused in on specific aspects of my art practice as a result of my many visitations to this unique environment.

As mentioned, even with what has been done this year, it is only part of the process. In addition, looking at new processes and mediums is important and that I am doing. The long, slow process is okay because the results will be worth the effort.

Growing stack of cut paper. #art #workonpaper #wip